St Pauli Vineyard is in the historic village of Sarau, Upper Moutere .  Its vines were planted 19 years ago with Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir.  
Gareth and I discovered the vineyard in 2017 when searching for our first family home. 
The original owner had died and the vineyard and cottage had been for sale for a while. 
Its simple loveliness and obvious potential cast a spell and with rose tinted glasses firmly in place we now enjoy every day working towards our goal of growing perfect grapes.  We appreciate how lucky we are and also the advice and practical help we've received from the local community. 
We're learning as we go. 




Robyn, Gareth and Victoria


I grew up in Nelson and after leaving school I did a big OE and then trained and worked as a midwife in the UK.  Gareth and I met in the UK but decided to move to Nelson when we started our family.
I'm the vineyard's 'go-to person'. I look after our internet sales and the restaurants who stock our wine.  When time permits, I enjoy spending time outside working with Gareth and I still to the occasional shift at Nelson Hospital.  


Born in Lymington, England, Gareth does everything in the vineyard and enlists the help of backpackers from around the world for pruning in the winter and harvesting in the autumn. He's a detail person and works meticulously all year round to ensure the health of the vines.


Victoria looks after the business side of our venture.  After many years working in banking, fishing and transport, she loves working in a small business where everyone does a bit of everything.   

St Pauli Vineyard

The vineyard has a great location at the heart of Nelson's wine making area in the historic village of Sarau, Upper Moutere, Nelson.  


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