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Gareth and I live and work at St Pauli.  The vineyard has 10 hectares and is adjacent to the historic village of Sarau, Upper Moutere. We grow Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir and we reserve our best grapes for St Pauli wine.  They are hand-picked, lightly pressed, fermented and bottled.  We never compromise on quality.  Hard pruning and a long growing season encourages the development of intense complex flavours.  We don't buy-in grapes or blend-in wines from other vineyards.  With production at less than 5,000 cases we are "hands on" from vine to bottle and committed to making St Pauli wine exceptional.                                                                                                                                                    - Robyn Reid


Robyn, Gareth and Victoria


I grew up in Nelson and after leaving school I did a big OE and then trained and worked as a midwife in the UK.  Gareth and I met in the UK but decided to move to Nelson when we started our family.
I'm the vineyard's 'go-to person'. I look after our internet sales and the restaurants who stock our wine.  When time permits, I enjoy spending time outside working with Gareth and I still to the occasional shift at Nelson Hospital.  


I work full-time in the vineyard.  It's hard physical work and fairly repetitive. I'm constantly watching the weather and planning ahead.  Conditions change quickly and there's no room for complacency but the earth is good and aside from pruning and reducing the size of the crop everything is light touch.  Backpackers from around the world help with winter pruning and picking but a lot of the time I'm on my own.  Rows of healthy vines are incredibly satisfying but its a huge relief when the grapes are harvested and I can relax at the end of the season. 


I look after the accounts and UK sales and am happy to do anything else that's needed.
After many years working in banking, fishing and transport, I'm really enjoying this.  
I love the wine and the refreshing simplicity of our business plan. 
Never compromise on quality.  Manage costs sensibly.  Value relationships.  Have fun.      

St Pauli Vineyard

The vineyard has a great location at the heart of Nelson's wine making area in the historic village of Sarau, Upper Moutere, Nelson.  


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