2018 Collection Tasting Case

2018 Collection Tasting Case

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Discover St Pauli's Single Vineyard Wines with the Tasting Case. This case includes one bottle of each of the wines from our 2018 Vintage.  

Sauvignon 2018 - Clean, fresh aromas with a medium nose of gooseberries and freshly cut green grass. Refreshing high acidity with a light body and a pleasant long finish. This wine is a classic Nelson Sauvignon Blanc through and through – exciting and refreshing! 13.2% Alc./Vol, 750ml

Chardonnay 2018 - Our 2018 Chardonnay has a bright, clear, appearance with splashes of gold. It is inviting, sweet and creamy on the nose, suggesting fresh baked bread or biscuits, orange zest and rock melon. The creamy texture and well-integrated oak is balanced by a fruity freshness with flavours of grapefruit and stone-fruit. 13.9% Alc./Vol, 750ml

Pinot Gris 2018 - Our Pinot Gris has a clean medium nose of fresh apricots and quince, followed by Nashi pear. Delicate floral notes with a hint of jasmine. The wine is off dry with balanced medium acidity. It is smooth and refreshing with a well rounded mouthfeel, a light body and a long finish. 13% Alc./Vol, 750ml

Rosé 2018 - Our Rosé has aromas of cranberries, raspberries and red cherries on the nose and the palate. The wine is well balanced with refreshing acidity and a good balance of red fruits.Wet tea leaves on the finish, good length and a pleasant finish. 12.5% Alc./Vol, 750ml